Creating Music in the Classroom Series

 Teachers’ Manual, with Text Books 1 & 2




Appropriate for group or individual instruction - ages 4 and up

*Meets core curriculum for early elementary grades


  • Teacher's Complete Lesson Outline: contains goals, review and new activities 

  • 161 pages for piano/keyboard - group/private 

  • A Complete Curriculum containing two levels within one book

  • Note reading, ear training, rhythm reading, create songs

  • Activity pages to reinforce and review lessons for each new song introduced

  • Songs written as a single line of music in the C position for clarity and focus

  • All music written to transpose easily

  • 2 CDs included with recorded music - Rehearsal, Performance, and Virtuoso (quicker more challenging tempo)

  • Cross reference for individual books, Levels 1 and 2

  • Classroom tested

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Early Elementary Level 1

  • Beginner level music with single hand playing to strengthen fine motor skills

  • Gradually introduces hands together as student progresses

  • Additional assignments included on pages to challenge more advanced students
    Example: instructor’s music written for students with basic skills, or adults with little playing experience

  • Activity pages with note drawing, matching, and note identification to review and reinforce new material 

  • Ensemble - Turkey in the Straw orchestrated accompaniment - appropriate for class or duet

  • Staff notation taught through note pattern designs, imitation singing, repeated notes, line & space recognition and eventually intervals

  • All music written to transpose easily

  • CD - repertoire recorded in two tempos, Practice and Performance

  • 61 pages - group or private piano/keyboard instruction

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Early Elementary Level 2

  • A continuation of Book 1 with songs written in the Grand Staff

  • A variety of musical styles, accompaniments and scales are introduced: pentatonic scale, ostinato accompaniments, shell chords, and round

  • Introduction of flats, sharps, triplets, dotted half notes, whole notes, rests and incomplete measures

  • Create two songs: arrange order of melody patterns and draw a melody on the staff to match chord harmony

  • Ensemble: Play Floating on keyboard with xylophones, recorder harmony, and CD accompaniment

  • Activity pages to review and reinforce new material 

  • Appealing titles & lyrics for student motivation: Jumping Jack, Space Walk, Super Train

  • CD with repertoire recorded in two tempos plus Virtuoso (quicker more challenging tempo)

  • 59 pages plus Concentration Game on cardstock paper - a review of note patterns and rhythms